Valerie Jarrett mistakes 4 star general for waiter at DC dinner party

Imagine the front page headlines and the endless supply of material for John Stewart, Colbert, Bill Mahr and the entire entertainment-media complex if this had been Sarah Palin:

Four-star Army Gen. Peter Chiarelli — the No. 2 general in the U.S.
Army — says he is absolutely not offended that Obama adviser Valerie
Jarrett mistook him for a waiter at a fancy Washington dinner this week
and asked him for a glass of wine.

It could have happened to anybody, Chiarelli tells CNN.

was an honest mistake that ANYONE could have made. She was sitting, I
was standing and walking behind her and all she saw were the two stripes
on my pants which were almost identical to the waiters pants — REALLY.
She apologized and will come to the house for dinner if a date can be
worked out in March,” Chiarelli wrote in an e-mail.

But outside of the conservative blogosphere, this story has been completely ignored.  “Civility” or bias?  You decide …

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