"We have entrusted our leadership to protect us and they have betrayed us"

Locutisprime is speaking to the Texas rolling blackouts:

What isn’t being noted is that these blackouts are yet another example of the present administration’s taking advantage of a created crisis. America wasn’t in crisis until we allowed these interloping social environmentalist to have complete say so over our future and how we provide for the needs and necessities of this country.

Hello America! Wake up to the realities! Pay attention to what is happening to this nation then ask yourself why! Why in the history of this nation has America never had a need to beg electricity from Mexico? And how long has the capability been present for Mexico to be our rescuers? How did that  capability come into existence?

The bottom line, what we are seeing in Texas as a result of this storm, was not caused by a simple increase in demand for electricity brought on by this storm. It has been caused and created by our own failure to attend to the needs of our people and our own refusal to meet the necessities of our own nation.We have entrusted our leadership to protect us and they have betrayed us.

Simply put, America has the means and the ability to produce the electricity to power all of the needs and requirements of America, we have simply been prevented from doing so by a leftist environmental enclave of politicians and bureaucrats. These environmental regulations and a government conrtolled by leftists has been and is continuing to stifle both this nation’s growth and survivability.

He’s making sense… and he’s got more where that came from.

Again I ask, where in hell are the Republicans.

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