Startup America is a ruse

It’s smoke and mirrors.  It’s par for the course for this Administration.

They sell it publicly as follows:

Startup America is the White House initiative to celebrate, inspire, and accelerate high-growth entrepreneurship throughout the nation. 

This coordinated public/private effort (see: Startup America Partnership) brings together an alliance of the country’s most innovative entrepreneurs, corporations, universities, foundations, and other leaders, working in concert with a wide range of federal agencies to dramatically increase the prevalence and success of America’s entrepreneurs.  Startup America is an important element of President Obama’s overall innovation strategy.

The core goals of Startup America are to increase the number of new high-growth firms that are creating economic growth, innovation, and quality jobs; celebrate and honor entrepreneurship as a core American value and source of competitive advantage; and inspire and empower an ever-greater diversity of communities and individuals to build great American companies.

But someone inside the White House, in a rare moment of honesty, spilled the beans:

“Technically, we are all on the same team now, so why would a company that is working with us so closely on ‘Startup America’ or some of the other ‘pro-business’ projects we’ve been announcing want to give financial support for the campaigns of Republicans?” says a White House policy staffer who will shortly be moving to a new job at the Democratic National Committee’s expanding 2012 campaign operation. “It’s one more way to engage corporate America. We know many of the executives are predisposed to Democrats, this is just a way to build more connections.”

Or more accurately, just another way to fool the gullible into thinking that this Administration is all about advancing America. 

What they’re really about is advancing a radically leftist agenda.

H/T Dennis Sevakis via email.

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