"Setting a goal to raise energy prices…"

“… seems to be the last thing we would want to do as a nation.”

That from William O’Keefe at The Examiner on Obama’s renewable energy policy, a policy that is directly causing you and me to pay more at the pump:

This renewable energy mandate nationalizes a policy that has proven to be economically destructive in individual states across the nation as well as European nations. A recent study by the Institute for Energy Research shows that in the 29 states that have enacted a renewable energy standard like the one proposed by the president, energy prices are on average 40 percent higher.

Setting a goal to raise energy prices seems to be the last thing we would want to do as a nation. Federal regulators would have to make sacrifices as well.

The goal is unrealistic since today the green energy Obama likes, solar and wind, produce trivial amounts of energy in spite of very large subsidies. They are not commercially viable, and no amount of rhetoric will make them so.

The Environmental Protection Agency is making aggressive moves to regulate national emissions, even shutting down a previously approved mining operation in West Virginia this month. The Department of the Interior is still imposing a de facto moratorium on Gulf drilling permits for oil and gas despite public statements indicating otherwise.

Restraint appears an unlikely buzzword for the current administration.

If the honest communication displayed by the president in last night’s address is the gold standard by which legislators are to approach the 2011 Congress, it appears we are in for another year of the same on Capitol Hill.

William Warren paints the picture for us a tad more graphically:

The Stick Up.jpg

I continue to have a problem understanding why the Republicans aren’t hammering Obama on this… seems to me to be a slam dunk for the party… it’s really starting to piss me off.

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