Joe Biden's higher IQ

Mark Shea on the VP and Egypt:

[Joe Biden] who people mysteriously believe to be way smarter than Sarah Palin, informs us that Mubarek is not a dictator, because he’s our dictator.

Egyptians seem to not be listening to the Man with the High IQ.

Of course, as I noted yesterday, simply because this is a popular revolt against oppression does not mean that liberty and justice for all are in the offing. The fact that Iran is hailing all this should warn us that the revolutionary forces intend to turn Egypt into yet another Bronze Age Islamic despotism.

And should the Revolution succeed, the new regime will be sure to repeat the words of the Man With the High IQ whenever they remember Mubarek and his dear, dear friends.

In the mean-time, the Religious Leftist regime would rather focus on Ms. Palin and her lack of mental acuity:

Personally, the reason I don’t care for Sarah Palin is because she is so inappropriately flippant and informal and because she doesn’t seem to take direction well or to prepare herself for events in which she participates. I will never forget watching her interview with Katie Couric. I felt really sorry for her because it was so obvious she was out of her element. It’s pretty simple for me, I really, honestly don’t think she has the knowledge or the intelligence necessary to be a world leader.

Pastor Janel in ND

She doesn’t know foreign policy, she in many cases doesn’t know the constitution, she doesn’t think on her feet, she quit the governorship before her term was over, to take the national stage, she used the Mayor’s office of Wasilla and the governor’s office for personal benefit, and her folksy style only goes a short ways before it is tiring. The fact that she is an attractive woman, or ugly as mud should have no bearing on whether she is qualified to be a national leader. Her command of the rules of the land, history of the country, foreign policy, etc. should be what is looked for.

Rev. Susan in CA

In reading the discriptions of Ms. Palin here I am amused to notice that they would fit a former governor of Texas who left his job as governor to be President of the the US. It is as if Ms. Palin is a female George W. Bush.

That seems to be the kind of candidate many want – a person who they would feel comfortable with over a beer. Someone who comes across appearing as ignorant as they are of history, the constitution, world and national affairs.

Deacon Deke in TX

Anybody want to bet that this enlightened crew of religious progressives all yanked the lever for Obama and Biden in ’08?


I’m thinking it’s a safe bet… and while I ponder that gamble, I’ll leave you with one more Biden manifestation of higher IQ:

Vice President Joe Biden made a couple of mistakes at the microphone when he appeared at the Ener1 plant in Hancock County, Ind. on Wednesday.

The first came when he mentioned a state Senator. “Senator Gard is here, wanna recognize him, I was told he was here,” said Biden.

Senator Beverly Gard, in fact, was in the audience. She met with Biden after the speech.

The Vice President didn’t always get the name of the company right, either. At one point he referred “Enron one leading the way.”

Ener1 certainly hopes to build a reputation better than the one that belongs to Enron.

But hey… at least Biden’s not inappropriately flippant and informal and at least he can think on his feet and thankfully he doesn’t come across as ignorant.

Unlike Sarah Palin.

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