"Under the cover of creating green jobs…."

“… Washington has increased the cost of traditional energy.” 

That and more from Senator John Barrasso out of Wyoming:

On energy, Washington’s record is just as indefensible and shares the blame for rising gas prices.

Under the cover of creating green jobs, Washington has increased the cost of traditional energy. They’ve done it through politically motivated drilling moratoriums, limiting access to American energy, and imposing costly regulations aimed at trying to control the world’s climate. These policies show us that when the President says that he wants to make alternative energy the cheapest form of energy, he doesn’t want to make alternative energy cheaper. He wants to make all other energy more expensive. We need to make America’s energy as clean as we can, as fast as we can, without raising prices on American families.

I support green energy, but not at the expense of red, white and blue jobs. I am working to eliminate Washington’s ability to impose job-crushing and energy-crushing regulations. Soon, I will introduce sweeping legislation that will prevent the Obama Administration and states from imposing extreme climate rules. It will stop the President’s attempt to enact cap and trade through the Environmental Protection Agency and other Washington agencies. By passing this legislation, Congress can protect jobs, consumers, and small businesses from Washington overreach that stifles job creation and slows our economic recovery.

That piece in my inbox this afternoon, shortly after hearing the following from Van Jones this morning on the Beck show:

Van Jones, for those who may not know (and there shouldn’t be any of you out there), used to be Obama’s Special Advisor for Green Jobs up until someone finally paid attention to his radical roots and the Obama Administration was forced to let him go.  But listen to his words and look at what the Obama Administration has been doing to the oil industry and to the coal industry and understand that Van Jones may be gone but his ideas and his policies live on.

We need to hope that people like Barrasso fight this crap with every fibre of their being and that they succeed or the radicals are going to get their way.

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