The Super Bowl Is All Set And Thankfully Jay Cutler And Rex Ryan Won't Be There

Yeah, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler got injured, but that didn’t stop the doubters about his heart. Examining the four teams left in the NFL playoffs as of Sunday morning from a mostly disinterested perspective, there were only two teams that I envisioned as “worthy” of getting to the Super Bowl – the Steelers and the Packers.

My problem with the Jets and the Bears are just with Rex Ryan the Jay Cutler, respectively. If Cutler’s NFL career suggests anything it’s that the guy is a punk.

The only thing better than Cutler not pouting through the Super Bowl buildup is that we’re all sparred the bloviations of Jets coach Rex Ryan. Ryan can now devote more time to his wife’s foot porn career, flipping off fans, and telling the world how great his team is.

Thankfully now I can enjoy the upcoming Super Bowl for the football, not these two annoying sideshows…

PS – I haven’t forgot about the Ben Rapelisberger sideshow from the preseason, I’ll be pulling for the Packers…

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