Mad Dog Finally Put Down

Well, it finally happened. MSNBC finally canned Keith Olbermann. And it was not likely because of ratings, ‘cuz as crappy as they were, they were still the best the network had. So whether it was a condition of Comcast buying out the network or MSNBC finally realizing that Olbermann was simply too big a pain in the ass to keep around (he’s infamously an asshole to his staff), it’s done.

So, what’s next?

Last November, when Keith had his little time-out in the corner for flouting MSNBC’s “ethics” rules, I had a suggestion that I still think has merit: Fox News should dump Geraldo and offer the time slot to Keith, with a few strings.

There is one small hitch, though: as part of his separation, Olbermann has a non-compete clause that says he can’t work for another network “for an extended period of time.”

But this is business. Everything’s negotiable. My hunch is that the clause was put there mainly as a sop to Keith’s ego, to make him think he is that important, that popular, that powerful. (MSNBC would have seen it as a way to flatter him and make him more amenable to the agreement.) I suspect that if Fox really wanted to bring on Keith (for the reasons I outlined prior), they could probably pay MSNBC to make that go away. Hell, I’ll kick in the five bucks myself.

Finally, I leave you once again with Keith’s most profound, most insightful, most intelligent special comment ever, as captured for all eternity by IMAO’s FrankJ:

"I look at them unflinchingly and see meat"
Here Come Da Next Judge