Embracing My Inner Nazi

OK, so Representative Steve Cohen wants to compare those who oppose ObamaCare to a great propagandist. He didn’t meant to call him a Nazi, so I guess we can think of Joseph Goebbels as a David Axelrod who happened to fall in with a bad crowd.

OK, that’s redundant. Axelrod’s kind of in a bad crowd now. Hell, he qualifies as a “bad crowd” by himself.

Anyway, Cohen is sorry he said it. Not because he realizes he went too far with his “hate speech” and “violent rhetoric,” but because a lot of people decided to talk about how he’d called his opponents Nazis instead of the actual substance of his criticism, which was… well… um… oh, yeah: they were lying like Nazis.

Screw this. I’m tired of being called a follower of the National Socialist Workers Party agenda by people far closer to Socialist and self-styled champions of the Workers than I am. So I’m going to unleash my inner Nazi on ObamaCare.

I want to take the monstrosity that is ObamaCare, stuff it in a Volkswagen (or, perhaps, a Mazda), drive it down the interstate freeway to the airport, fly it via jet (perhaps even a stealth bomber) to a Navy base, put it on a submarine, run it out to sea, then stuff it in a missile and launch it into space. The whole thing would be televised live. And I’d include an audio tape warning anyone who found it of just how dangerous it was — worse than even tobacco.

You know, Representative Cohen is right. Just because you relate someone or something to Nazis, you’re not necessarily imparting the full Nazi ideology to them. And it wasn’t like Goebbels, Cohen’s example, was an especially devout Nazi and Jew-hater and utterly loathsome human being and...

…OK, Cohen’s an asshole. And even if any Republicans agree to the “mixed seating” scheme for the State of the Union, Cohen should be utterly shunned.

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