"I met a hero today"

Locutisprime has your must read of the day… hell, your must read of the month… over at his place:

I met a hero today…..and had things gone as planned originally, that meeting would never have happened. Had those original dental appointments not been postponed, I would have never had the opportunity to meet and talk to a man who is literally, part of our living history.

Today as I was sitting in the waiting room, while my wife was seeing the dentist, an elderly couple came in and sat down across from me. I looked up from my reading to glance in their direction across the waiting room and as I looked, I saw that the gentleman had on a ball cap with embroidered lettering indicating that he was a world war two veteran.

I folded my book and began to contemplate my feelings as I waited for the opportunity to approach. The gentleman’s wife was seated next to him and was completing some paperwork for the dentist office. As I looked on, another gentleman seated adjacent to them, struck up a conversation with the man and as they talked, I could hear spillovers of the conversation, enough to learn that the man was a former crew member on a B-17.

Hearing that piece of information immediately piqued my interest, as I have an elderly friend who flew B-17’s during the war and the plane has always been an area of love and interest for me since I was a child. So I waited for the right moment, then I stood and walked over to the gentleman to introduce myself and to shake his hand.

I hope that’s enough to get you over to The Borg Conspiracy to read the rest.  You will not be disappointed.

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