So Much For That Whole Civility Thing…

In these tough economic times, the announcement that a company was going to open a new facility in an economically-depressed area would be welcomed. Toss in the promise of up to 1200 new jobs, many aimed at the low end of the economic spectrum and ideal for the unemployed and less-skilled, as well as the plans to take over an empty site from a closed Chevrolet dealership, and the locals ought to be doing handsprings. Add in the new employer’s history of bringing low prices for subsistence-level merchandise, further aiding the poor, and you’d be planning the tickertape parade for the company.

Unless the company is Wal-Mart, and it wants to open a new store in the DC area.

Because to many on the left, “creating jobs” and is bad if they’re not union jobs. “Selling stuff cheap” is bad because it helps people be less dependent on handouts.

Which is why the unions are working overtime to block this move — even organizing a “protest” against the developer at his own home.

Let me repeat that: for the “sin” of helping Wal-Mart convert a vacant car dealership into a new Wal-Mart, and hiring about a thousand people, this developer must be punished by having his home address publicized and the site of the next Thugapalooza.

And note the rallying poster: it lists Dick Foulger’s name and home address with a call to march on his house tomorrow evening. And it shows the Wal-Mart smiley face in a rifle’s crosshairs.

(We will now pause for a moment of silence, as the left will studiedly
ignore this “incitement to violence” from their side because they can’t
find a way to shift the blame on to Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, or the
right wing in general.)

As Red State noted, this is not the first time these union thugs have brought their Thugapalooza events to the homes of individuals they don’t like. Last May, they went after a top official with Bank Of America’s home. The exec wasn’t there, so they had to content themselves with terrorizing his 14-year-old son. That oughta teach the little shit to pick the wrong parents.

Were I Mr. Foulger, I would plan to be home at the appointed hour, with a fully-fueled snowblower. (Were it not winter, I’d say a lawn sprinkler.) And I would make certain that any thug who ventured on my property were given a gasoline-powered version of a classic New Hampshire “whitewashing.” I would also, if at all possible, have someone else nearby with a shotgun, loaded the way the “bear counselor” advised Sarah Palin on her show — round one with a noisemaker, round two with a beanbag. The remaining rounds for bear were solid shot, but I’d substitute rock salt.

Before all that, of course, I would contact the local police and inform them of the planned Thugapalooza and ask them for assistance. I would also tell them my plans for defending my home, and the only way they could prevent me from doing so would be to have officers tell me so in person, at the appointed hour.

In cases like this, of course, the police should be our first line of defense. But only a fool would have them be the only defense — because, as we saw last summer, the cops might just be there to help the protesters.

Whether or not this Wal-Mart is a good idea, attempting to lure several hundred people to the developer’s home by using a sign featuring a rifle’s crosshairs and the guy’s home address is just utterly intolerable. But the left will willingly tolerate it.

Because “hate’ and “incitement” and “inflammatory rhetoric” only counts when it comes from the right.

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