Blinded to basic logic and reasoning

I’ve found one of those animated videos that use robotic sounding characters to humorously make poignant points, this one rebutting effectively the whole blame Sarah Palin for the Tucson shootings meme that’s still being used by so many on the left… you’ll get to see it here in a few minutes but first, let’s set it up by reminding readers of what some have been saying.  The day after the Tucson tragedy, I linked to the words of a leftist pastor who had this to say about the shooting:

Can someone tell me why Sarah Palin is not in Jail? She holds some responsibility for this action. Since when is a public figure,( or anyone for that matter), allowed to print a hit list of people she is targeting, using a symbol that is the crossfires of a gun scope, and using words such as “re-load” and not be held accountable?? As much as I cannot stand her, especially that she would behave in this way and call herself a Christian, she must realize that she does have power over a lot of people who hang on every word she says.The troubled of the world will do exactly as she or others say. I believe she should be held at least in part accountable for the actions of today. She and others with their hate speech. Words and symbols have consequences.

Two days later, after the dust had settled somewhat and absent any indication as of yet as to what may’ve motivated the killer, this same woman put these words up on her blog:

My trouble with this is that there are so many factors that led up to this moment, that made this carnage possible.

We have the least amount of gun control laws that would prevent these incidents, and Arizona has the weakest level of gun control laws in the US to protect the innocent.

We have had many glaring examples of very violent speech as well from right wing politicians, and commentators of late as well, including Sarah Palin, having a map of the US, with points on the map of political elections that she was “aiming for” to overcome.

Glenn Beck spoke openly on his show about wanting to “Kill” Michael Moore, and debated himself about whether he should do it on his own or hire someone.

I have lots of questions, and a few answers for myself, but what I am convinced of is we need to tone down the rhetoric, speak up when people speak in violent tones, and not just walk away in disgust. The more we tolerate, the more it will continue.

Of course, she’s not posted since.  She’s not written about the friend of the killer describing him as “quite liberal” even “radical”.  She’s not written to acknowledge Obama’s “violent” rhetoric or that Democrats have used targeting graphics in their political ads.  Nor has she written of Jared Loughner’s obsession with a movie called Zeitgeist, an anti-Christian, anti-American, anti-capitalism conspiracy laden film with a cult-like following.  Robert Stacy McCain puts it this way:

According to Loughner’s friends, the accused Tucson gunman was one of the cult’s most zealous converts. And many of Loughner’s otherwise inexplicable obsessions — from his fascination with currency to his rantings against illiteracy to his paranoid fears of “mind control” — parallel ideas promoted in Zeitgeist.

All of that forms the basis for what makes the following so effective in countering the prevalent meme.  Watch the whole thing and pass it on.  See how the left truly are blinded to basic logic and reasoning:

H/T to Cartago Delenda Est.

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