Perpetuating The Cycle Of Hate

When will it end?

In Tucson, a madman attempted to assassinate a member of Congress, but only wounded her — along with over a dozen others and killed six. The mainstream media and the Professional Left spend the next week blaming Sarah Palin, the Tea Party movement, and the right in general for driving the madman to his act of madness, then desperately tries to find or manufacture some evidence to back it up. And then, one week to the day after the shooting, one of the wounded (and a member of the Professional Left, it seems) is at a “town meeting organized by ABC News. There, he meets the head of the local Tea Party, and…

Threatens to kill him.

Police removed J. Eric Fuller from the meeting immediately, and charged him with disorderly conduct, as well as threats and intimidation.

It should be noted that Mr. Trent Humphries, the Tea Party leader in question, has been getting death threats ever since the shooting, thanks in large part to the Professional Left’s attempt to scapegoat the right for the shooting.

I feel a bit of sympathy for Mr. Fuller. After all, he was shot by the madman — fortunately, not too seriously, if he’s this lively and energetic a week later. And I’m willing to cut him a bit of slack.

But that doesn’t mean he was in any way justified for his actions, or that there’s an ounce of credibility in his charges.

I think it would be OK if Mr. Fuller were given a pass on this outburst — as long as it’s made clear that this was a one-time deal, his “one free bite of the apple.” If the local authorities let him cool it off behind bars, then kicked him loose with a “next time, we don’t drop the charges,” in light of the extenuating circumstances — a week ago, this guy was shot twice — it might be a chance to “break the cycle of hate.”

On the other hand, if Mr. Fuller continues to use his victim status to assert his “absolute moral authority” to blame whoever the hell will advance his political agenda, then he’s pretty much certain to break the law again. And then, having burned up his one freebie, having shown he’s not interested in “breaking the cycle of hate,” he can enjoy the full benefits of his actions.

But his victim status should in no way give any credibility to his ludicrous, politically-driven accusations.

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