"their acid burns them from within"

That from the comments at an Anchoress post rightly giving hell for the madness engaged in by the mainstream media:

Yesterday, they were complaining that she was “hiding” from the media, who insisted on making her part of a story to which she had no connection.

And so, today, Sarah Palin-probably aware that she was damned if she did, and damned if she didn’t-made a statement. It was actually a very good, if a trifle long, statement. Immediately upon her delivering it, the media, like jackals went on the attack. ABC news, in a breathtaking example of cognitive dissonance, wrote: “Sarah Palin, once again, has found a way (!) to become part of the story. “

The (!) is mine. The press hauls this woman into the story, makes her a focal point of it, and then asserts that she has inserted herself into it. Staggering.

Other talking heads were spittle-spewing over Palin’s use of a very common phrase that had actually been all over media they day before thanks to Glenn Reynolds’ essay in the Wall Street Journal: “Blood libel.”

The press had almost-almost-been forced to put their Palin-toy down, but those two words-which had not offended when used by Reynolds, or by Andrew Sullivan in the past-gave them something new to bite on. “Blood libel!” “Palin still using violent rhetoric!”

And the Palin-madness-a madness unto rabidity-is reinvigorated.

“Today was supposed to be set-aside for the victims,” someone posted on twitter, “Palin decided she is one of them.”

No. Sarah Palin made a statement that was contextual, relevant and appropriate to the day. The press, if they really wanted to put the day aside for the victims, could have simply reported that Palin made a statement, and moved on. In truth, they could have utterly ignored Palin’s statement altogether, because she really is not part of this story.

But they did not, because they cannot. Where Sarah Palin is concerned, the mainstream press and the political pundit class are like 14 year olds obsessing over the social order of the cafeteria, and especially that stupid new cootie girl, ewwww.

They are the spiteful, malevolent and immature teenagers in “Carrie,” armed with pig-blood and just looking for any opportunity to pour it.

I love when The Anchoress gets riled up. No one can make the point as strongly as she does when she’s a tad on the miffed side.  No one.

Go and read the rest.  And yes by God, pass it on.

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