The Tucson Memorial Service

Others are commenting about the televised service from Tucson, so here’s a place where you can discuss it.

Personally, I thought it was handled pretty well. It was no Wellstone incident, where the memorial was turned into a grotesque partisan rally. Obama did a good job, didn’t talk about himself or his political opponents. I think that George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, or Ronald Reagan would have done better, as they had the gift of emotionally connecting with an audience, and Obama was typically long-winded, but it was well done.

Some have criticized that it seemed too chipper, almost like a pep rally. No, it wasn’t all somber and morose, but we must remember that commingled with the tragedy were stories of hope. Some genuine heroes have emerged, and the single aspect that must be taken away from this is this:

The shooter failed.

His primary target — Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords — survived, and is recovering. He killed six people, but the one person he wanted to kill is still alive. And should she recover fully and return to office, she will be far more popular and loved than ever. He wanted to erase her, and has done just the opposite.

Tomorrow, as I noted, there will be the funeral for Christina Green. There will be plenty more times for sorrow and grief.

Tonight, the event turned into a celebration of life. Of lives spared, of lives lived, of lives changed forever, of lives that discovered new meaning.

And I’m OK with that.

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