Amazing Fantasy

If you haven’t been paying attention to the narrative the professional Left is pushing on the Tucson shooting, let me recap it for you:

Sarah Palin and the Tea Party Movement’s use of inflammatory rhetoric and violent imagery has claimed its first victim. It directly inspired a potheaded, unemployed, occult-dabbling, 9/11 truther, quasi-anarchist, anti-war, parents’-basement-dwelling, likely schizophrenic to shoot a Blue Dog Democrat who recently deserted Nancy Pelosi to vote for someone else for Speaker.

Now, you might have thought that it would have been far more likely for the first shooter to be some redneck asshole, who would have taken a shot at Barney Frank, or Charlie Rangel, or Nancy Pelosi, but you’d be wrong.

And if you thought that the shooter’s ramblings would be obsessed with patriotism and taking his country back and saving us from the socialists, you’d be wrong. No, the pawn of Palin and the Tea Party would instead rant about how much he despised “stupid” and “ignorant” and “illiterate” people when explaining why he did what he did… which sounds a hell of a lot like how the enemies of Palin and the Tea Party talk about them, but that’s just proof of how devious the whole thing is.

That is the Truth, according to professional left. Please don’t be so rude as to contradict them with reality. They’ve put a lot of time and effort into constructing their version of events, and why should we ruin their hard work?

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