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For your amusement, one of the really pathetic attempts by a spelling-challenged liberal to save the rapidly disintegrating IT”S ALL SARAH PALIN’S FAULT!!!! meme, via The Jawa Report:


Incredibly, after several people commented on “Tuscon”, a “corrected” version of the same fake screenshot soon appeared, but apparently the crowd had already moved on, looking for something better.

And when Barbara Walters leads off the discussion of the Tucson shooting on “The View” by saying, “I’m feeling very bad for Sarah Palin,” it’s pretty clear that the thrill of a once-assumed major political victory is now gone.

Finally, this post by Bookworm is well worth your time.  It caught my attention because her experience closely parallels my own, as I was commenting on several Facebook threads throughout the weekend.  I must confess that I really didn’t “shut down” those threads, but there were few direct responses to my straightforward illustrations of abusive language and combat metaphors from prominent liberals, and the fact that those incidents had always met with zero resistance from the Left.  Bookworm writes:

Because of my sadly homogeneous Blue, Blue, Blue political milieu, I
tend to be rather low key in my views (hence the outlet that is this
blog).   There is no mileage for me in offending neighbors, car poolers,
educators, clients, etc.  I could not let these lies go, however.  I
spoke up.  But I didn’t speak up with ill-considered insults.  Instead, I
used social media to introduce people to facts readily available on the

I explained without heat that Barack Obama has long had a tendency
towards violent and inflammatory rhetoric (guns to knife fights;
punishing enemies; forcing people to the back of the bus), but no one
was calling him out on his words.  I pointed out (with links) that,
because politics is a bloodless battle, but a battle nevertheless,
operatives on both sides of the aisle repeatedly use war metaphors, such
as target, cross-hairs, victory, defeat, War Room, etc.  I politely
asserted (with concrete evidence) that George Bush was on the receiving
end of the most violent imagery and desires in known political history
but that, fortunately, he had the Secret Service at his back (and front
and sides).  I noted the irony that Keith Olbermann, a man who routinely
dehumanizes his political opponents by referring to them as “the worst
person in the world” is a peculiar spokesperson for civility.  I
tut-tutted, peacefully, about the fact that no one seemed to be upset by
the fact that Obama’s pastor was renowned for his blood-thirsty sermons
or that Obama counted amongst his friends a bomber who cheerfully
admits that he has no regrets about his many efforts to kill American

Always polite; always backed up by the power of the internet, which forgets nothing.

What was gratifying about my little efforts was that there was no
push back.  In each case, my politely fact-based observations shut down
the thread entirely.  No one piled on.  No one challenged me.  How could
they?  I owned the facts.  And I owned the facts because, while
Progressives are engaging in 1990s spin, I was engaging in 21st century
information gathering and dissemination.

When this whole episode has passed, it will be obvious that, in their hysterical attempts to launch a damaging blitzkrieg against Sarah Palin, a number of prominent liberal talking heads succeeded only in shooting themselves in the foot.  And yes, I thoroughly enjoyed freely using those metaphors.  

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