Verizon iPhone 4 To Launch Next Week


For some of you, especially Verizon and AT&T customers, this might be greatest new ever.  Next week Verizon is holding a special event in New York to unveil the CDMA version of Apple’s flagship iPhone.

As the owner of several iPod Touch devices I’ve got to admit that the opportunity to own a iPhone running on Verizon’s network would have been a pretty tempting offer – last year.  In that time Verizon’s push into Android phones has helped to make me a convert to the Android platform.  Actually it was the ability to root my phone and install custom ROM’s that will keep me away from the closed iPhone ecosystem, that and my intense hate for all things iTunes…
So while this may be a great opportunity for millions to switch, I’ll hang on to my Droid and wait for the best dual core, LTE Android phone coming in the next few months (especially the one that end up being easiest to root) and go with it.
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