Tucson Shooting: Latest Update

OK, we have a bit more info on the Tuscon shooting:

Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford survived the shooting, is out of surgery, and is expected to “recover.” No one is saying “recover fully.”

Her husband, Navy Captain Mark Kelly, is an astronaut who flew on two shuttle missions.

Also attending the event was federal Judge John Roll, who was shot and killed. An as-yet unidentified nine-year-old girl was also killed. Three others were also apparently killed,

The suspected gunman is a 21-year-old white male, currently in custody. Initial VERY UNCONFIRMED reports say he was a military recruit, and from what I’ve seen and heard, a general nutjob who was against everything. (My initial theory linking the shooting to Mexican drug cartels is pretty much toast at this point.)

The suspect used an automatic weapon in the attack. Automatic weapons are, for all intents and purposes, already illegal, and notoriously difficult to conceal, so discussions on “banning these kinds of guns” or “this is what you get for having concealed-carry laws” are pointless.

One of the leading local TV stations covering the story goes by the call letters KGUN. Someone at that station is most likely feeling incredibly self-conscious.

My initial theory was based on the use of automatic weapons, reports of a possible second gunman, the targeting of a government official, and the proximity to the Mexican border. My newer theory is this guy was a complete psycho, not a political ideologue; he didn’t exclusively target the Congresswoman or the judge, but was shooting any and all present.

The suspect is in custody, apparently unwounded.

Update: what I should have said from the outset is something I’ve said before, but let myself forget:

Crazy people do crazy things for crazy reasons. And self-censoring to
avoid giving the crazies their excuse is futile; they’ll find something
to set themselves off.

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