I thought about posting this later, but things are getting busy and I may not have time.  Not that it matters to most people, but I will be out of the USA and waaaaaaaay off in a rural land in North Asia starting the middle of next week and going on for a while.

Think “Gilligan’s Island” set in Asia, except there’s no rich people, no good-looking women, and no comedy plot.  Or maybe the “冷的山 Hillbillies”, but there’s no Elle May or Mr. Dreysdale.  Anyway, it will be rural, remote, and boring, so I will not be able to blog about it and even if I could, no one here would have any interest in it.  And Kevin would not take kindly to me chasing off the readers.   

Assuming I stay out of trouble, I should be back by the end of the month.



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