Almost Famous

I had an interesting day at The Day Job the other day. I met a couple of interesting folks. First, I had a nice chat with Gary Falwell. A couple of hours later, Bill Martin.

A few years ago, I got to chat with Malcolm Forbes.

No, not THOSE people. Just folks who, by quirk of fate or perverse parents, were saddled with the names (or almost-names) of famous people.

I’ve also had the opportunity to meet a few real celebrities. For example, John O’Hurley is tall and seems to be a genuine nice guy, with a very attractive wife. And Dan Butler? Shorter than you’d think, as well as very soft-spoken and thoughtful. Also a nice guy.

At least, during my brief dealings with them.

I got to spend a bit more time with the lovely ladies of the band Raining Jane, who gave me a copy of their CD. They’re pretty talented, as well as also being pretty damned cool.

But as fun as it is to brag about meeting famous folks, I think it’s more fun to “collect” the almost-famous. It must be interesting, to go through life with a celebrity namesake (or near-namesake). It obviously has its annoying things, but I’d like to think that the bennies and the sheer fun could outweigh it.

It certainly would beat having an awkward name. I once met a guy whose last name was “Virgin.” Personally, I’d either change it, or run with it. “Hi, I’m a Virgin, and I’ll be one ’til the day I die. This is my sister. She’ll be a Virgin until the day she gets married. This is my father; he’s a Virgin too. And this is my mother; she wasn’t a Virgin, until she met my dad.”

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