"Nothing but a politically correct inspired witch hunt"

Locutisprime, in a post titled Of Shellbacks and Polywogs and Political Correctness, chronicles with video what it is that takes place on many Navy ships and how it needs to be juxtaposed with the Navy’s decision to sack Captain Owen Honors:

For those unfamiliar with these naval terms in the title, perhaps some googling will be in order. The bottom line, Captain Owen Honors has done nothing that isn’t done regularly on US naval vessels operating near the Equator.

And it not only has been being done for over 100 years, but it is a time honored tradition. Ask any sailor about Neptunus Rex, Davy Jones’ locker and their indoctrination into the mysteries of the deep, then have a look at what the US Navy captain has been suspended for, pending relief of command.

This is nothing but a politically correct inspired witch hunt. Specifically designed to placate homosexuals who have finally won their ability to be flamingly open in the US military. And now they want their pound of flesh from these services. This won’t be the end of it.

The whole thing should be read and passed around.

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