Yep… that’s me at the moment on the expected decision by the Pentagon to relieve Capt. Owen Honors of his command of the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise:

Capt. Owen Honors will be relieved of duty Tuesday as commander of the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise after he broadcast sexually charged videos taken aboard the ship, a senior U.S. defense official told Fox News.

Navy officials said Honors will not be kicked out of the service, though it is possible later on, pending results of a longer investigation, that he could be asked to leave the Navy. It’s also possible he’ll be reassigned without any possibility of promotion, effectively ending his career. In that scenario it is likely he would decide to retire.

The videos, distributed on closed-circuit television during 2006 and 2007 deployments of the USS Enterprise, the Navy’s oldest nuclear-powered submarine, showed simulated masturbation, suggestive shower scenes with multiple women and gay slurs.

The Virginia-Pilot newspaper broke the story, publishing edited versions of the lewd videos on its website.

The videos are “clearly inappropriate,” Navy spokesman Commander Chris Sims told Fox News on Monday. “Production of videos, like the ones produced four to five years ago on USS Enterprise… were not acceptable then and are not acceptable in today’s Navy.

But they were acceptable then apparently… they were widely distributed then… there were no secrets if it’s true the videos were made available to the over 5,000 men and women on board ship… and this guy was later promoted.

This smacks once again of political correctness. 

Clearly the guy used poor judgment but why wasn’t it a firable offense back then and why, after the fact, nearly 4 years later, is it now?

This is crap… crap foisted on the Navy by leftists hell bent on emasculating the country’s warriors.  Yes, what he did was less than honorable but when balanced against his performance overall, it’s seems to be overkill to relieve the man of his command.  And what will it do to the morale of those currently serving under him?

It all just smells funny and on the heels of the DADT repeal, it smacks of politics.

And I suspect, this is just the beginning.

The transformation of America continues.


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