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About that global warming thing…

Only 9,099 Of Last 10,500 Years Warmer Than 2010

On Watts Up With That?,
Dr. Don J. Easterbrook notes the attention 2010 is getting as a
contender for the warmest year of the century. And then he calms
everyone down:

Another graph of temperatures from the Greenland ice core for the past
10,000 years is shown in Figure 5. It shows essentially the same
temperatures as Cuffy and Clow (1997) but with somewhat greater detail. 
What both of these temperature curves show is that virtually all of the
past 10,000 years has been warmer than the present.

Figure 5. Temperatures over the past 10,000 years recorded in the GISP2 Greenland ice core

So where do the 1934/1998/2010 warm years rank in the long-term list
of warm years? Of the past 10,500 years, 9,100 were warmer than
1934/1998/2010.  Thus, regardless of which year ( 1934, 1998, or 2010)
turns out to be the warmest of the past century, that year will rank
number 9,099 in the long-term list.

The climate has been warming slowly since the Little Ice Age (Fig. 5),
but it has quite a ways to go yet before reaching the temperature
levels that persisted for nearly all of the past 10,500 years.

Damn that global warming!  Is there NOTHING it can’t do?

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