Did you get some snow these past few days?

Bet it wasn’t as much as this:

Japan snow 2 small.jpg

Japan snow small.jpg

The location depicted is in the Japanese Alps:

The section of the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route linking the Tateyama station and Ogizawa only open from mid April to November, the reason for this hiatus is wintry snow, snow on this section reaches a thickness of 20 meters the most amazed of all is that in mid-April, much of the snow still lingers, so you have to make real corridors of ice to get through that stretch.

And to think that our 14 inches here in our local area nearly paralyzed us for 2 full days… perhaps Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell is right… we’re a nation of wusses.

More at the link on the Japanese snow, including video.

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