"wind power is about as dependable as, well, the wind."

Don Surber:

From the Scotsman: “Scotland’s wind farms are unable to cope with the freezing weather conditions – grinding to a halt at a time when electricity demand is at a peak, forcing the country to rely on power generated by French nuclear plants.”

Well, how bad could it be?

From the Scotsman: “Shortly before 5:30pm on [Monday and Tuesday], wind power production fell to 62MW and 61 MW respectively – just 2.5 per cent of its total capacity. At the same time on both occasions, the UK’s electricity usage rose to about 60,000MW – one of the highest ever levels of demand. Electricity demand in the UK rarely rises above 60,000MW.”

So let me get this straight, at a time when you need it most, wind power is about as dependable as, well, the wind.

Mr Surber isn’t the only one questioning the feasibility of wind power:

After 30 months, countless TV appearances, and $80 million spent on an extravagant PR campaign, T. Boone Pickens has finally admitted the obvious: The wind energy business isn’t a very good one.

The Dallas-based entrepreneur, who has relentlessly promoted his “Pickens Plan” since July 4, 2008, announced earlier this month that he’s abandoning the wind business to focus on natural gas.

Two years ago, natural gas prices were spiking and Mr. Pickens figured they’d stay high. He placed a $2 billion order for wind turbines with General Electric. Shortly afterward, he began selling the Pickens Plan. The United States, he claimed, is “the Saudi Arabia of wind,” and wind energy is an essential part of the cure for the curse of imported oil.

Voters and politicians embraced the folksy billionaire’s plan. Last year, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said he had joined “the Pickens church,” and Al Gore said he wished that more business leaders would emulate Mr. Pickens and be willing to “throw themselves into the fight for the future of our country.”

How could an industry go wrong with people like Al Gore and Harry Reid leading the charge?

There’s a lesson here for people with sense.

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