The New York Post Drops The Ball

In case you hadn’t heard, the not so secret foot fetish and swinger life of New York Jets coach Rex Ryan and his wife Michelle flooded the nets last night. The original report was at Deadspin, but it turns out the tipster who discovered the not so long lost videos had sent the You Tube links to several sports bloggers. You can check out the videos and pictures at Wizbang Pop!

With a story like that as the Jets playoff run hangs in the balance I expected more from The New York Post. Frankly their coverage has been as tepid as one can imagine, waiting nearly 24 hours to paste together some wire service and press conference coverage.  Meanwhile blogs (including media owned blogs) are driving the coverage.

Now here’s what I was expecting (hopefully you can ignore my poor Photoshopping skills)…


For the record, I’d like it noted that “Sexy Mrs. Rexy” was coined here first…

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