"You mean you're not pro-choice?"

Vanderleun writes of his encounters with those practicing evil, either ignorantly or wilfully:

They’ve come twice in the last day. They’re kids out running “a raise money for NARAL” scam. They get a cut of anything they pull in, and they use any info they get to sell to Planned Parenthood or other death mills.

They’re pleasant and they are enthusiastic (I love the painting! I really admire the tree!) and they hand you the clipboard expecting you to sign in your enthusiasm to support their “work.”

I listen and then I tell them, “No, I don’t support what you’re doing or the people and causes that you represent. I think it’s evil for you to do this, and worse still to do it for money.”

Here in Seattle’s Queen Anne, where smiles, nods and signups for their scam are their usual rewards, they seem genuinely surprised and taken aback.

“You mean you’re not pro-choice?”

I assure them that I am not even if though, long ago, I was.

There’s more and it’s a good read.

I was pro-choice once… nominally so… more like simply apathetic as I didn’t care one way or the other.  But then the missus became pregnant… and I saw the ultrasound, heard the heartbeat, felt the baby moving in her womb… and it changed me… but never more firmly then at the moment my first-born came into the world.

I think before anyone has an abortion, they should be exposed to these things… the ultrasound, the heartbeat, the movement in the womb and then finally, a real live birth.

If after all that they still want an abortion, consider them evil.

Seriously so.

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