We knew Ronald Reagan Mr. President…

… and you’re no Ronald Reagan:

Fresh from a shared victory on an $858 billion tax-cut package, President Barack Obama pushed on Saturday for congressional approval of the new START nuclear arms treaty with Russia.

Obama invoked the late Republican President Ronald Reagan as he used his weekly radio address to urge bipartisan support for the treaty. Obama said it was crucial to put a new treaty into place so inspections of Russia’s nuclear facilities could resume after a lapse that began when the old START treaty expired a year ago.

“Without a new one, we won’t be able to verify Russia’s nuclear arsenal, which would undercut President Reagan’s call to trust, but verify, when it comes to nuclear weapons,” Obama said. Failure to approve the treaty would jeopardize Washington’s warmer ties with Moscow, he added.

Perhaps Obama should talk to this former key aide to Ronald Reagan about START:

Instead of pressuring reluctant Republican senators for rapid ratification of the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty with Russia, the Obama administration should just drop it, says Richard Perle, a key architect of President Ronald Reagan’s strategy to end the Cold War.

“It’s a seriously flawed treaty,” Perle, now a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, says during an exclusive interview with Newsmax.TV. “It’s certainly not the kind of treaty Ronald Reagan fought for and accomplished.”

The pact is very weak on verification, he says. “For example, our right to inspections is limited to sites the Russians declare . . . which makes a mockery of the whole idea of on-site inspections,” Perle explains. “Imagine when Iran asserts a similar right to limit inspections, or the North Koreans or others. For that reason alone, it’s a very doubtful agreement.”

It’d be nice if this Radical-in-Chief would quit talking like Ronald Reagan… and start acting like the man.

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