Anyone Know Some CSS?

OK, I’ll have to admit that I’m a little stumped.  Yesterday I had to do an upgrade to the software we use to run Wizbang.  I upgraded from our old Movable Type 3 to Movable Type 4.  I didn’t change the templates or CSS that we use to publish with.  I’ve spent most of the last 24 hours putting out minor fires and errors that the upgrade caused.

The one thing that has me stumped is how one of the sidebars deceided to move to the bottom of the page from its previous position happily in its correct spot.  The page *should* be the same as it was the other day, but clearly it’s not.  This hasn’t been my number one priority because I’ve been working on issues that would cause big giant failures.  A little screen real estate error wasn’t the top item on my priority list.

If anyone with some CSS styling skills could lend a hand in figuring out how to get things back in order I’d love some help…  You can e-mail me at kevin at our domain name with any CSS or div changes you think would fix the problem.  If you’ve got the skills you’ll know how to get the CSS and page layout from the site.

Thank in advance..

Update:  Nevermind…

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