Those Mighty Republicans

Man, I have to hand it to the Democrats. They have guts. They have to face the Republicans in DC, and it’s remarkable that they haven’t collapsed by now, considering how overmatched they are. I mean, the Republicans are incredibly powerful — just listen to what the Democrats say.

Remember back in 2006? In that election, they took back both the House and the Senate, with solid majorities. Their control of the House was absolute, and that’s where the Constitution requires all spending and tax bills to originate. In the Senate, they didn’t have a filibuster-proof majority, but still a sizable one. But it was still the Republicans who set the agenda — look at all the references they made to the “Bush budgets” and “Bush deficits.” Bush had to get all that through a Democratically-controlled Congress, but he still managed to steamroll them enough to get his way — at least enough to get the full credit and blame.

Then, in 2008, the Democrats increased their holds in Congress and took the presidency. The Republicans were so far on the outs, there was talk on the left of at least a decade before they would have any relevance.

That talk didn’t last long. In a matter of weeks, they were right back to blaming the Republicans for all the woes of the nation. It was Bush’s recession, Bush’s spending, and all Bush’s and the Republican’s fault — the 57 or so Democratic Senators (55 Democrats and 2 “independents” who are Democrats in all but name) of 100, the 256 Democratic Representatives (of 435), and the President of the United States simply could not manage against the might of 41 Republican Senators, 178 Republican Representatives, and a former president who avoided making public statements or appearances.

And now, after November, those same people are struggling to finally enact their agenda. They got their asses kicked in November, but (with few exceptions) the results of those elections haven’t taken yet. And it wasn’t that much of an ass-kicking — the Republicans took back the House, but the Democrats still hold the Senate and the presidency. They’re still in the driver’s seat.

In cases like this, we’re told that it’s because the minority wields disproportionate power. But when it’s the Republicans are in charge, we’re told that it’s because they don’t “play nice” and act like tyrants.

Bullcrap. No, the common theme here is “the Republicans run the show, regardless of their numbers.” The Democrats talk about the overwhelming power of whatever position they don’t have when they want to excuse their own failures.

Here’s a simpler explanation: the Democrats are simply incompetent. They don’t know how to work from either role — majority or minority. So they try to excuse their ineptitude by attacking the Republicans as being more competent.

Years ago, I heard a standup comedian complain: wouldn’t it be great if women found neediness sexy? If weakness and whining was attractive?

I think the Democrats are trying to make that so.

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