Reach Out…

Yesterday, in a stunning blow, a federal court ruled against the Obama administration over ObamaCare. In an outrageous display of arrogance and ignorance, the judge ruled against the Obama administration’s argument that refusing to buy health insurance is in and of itself an act that directly effects interstate commerce.

That’s absolutely inconceivable. Doesn’t the judge know that not engaging in a specific act of commerce is exactly the same as engaging in that act of commerce? And that all commerce is potentially an act of interstate commerce, and therefore the federal government’s business?

By that logic, I need to call the next nun I meet a slut. Their vow of abstinence is functionally the equivalent of choosing to engage in sex wantonly at every opportunity.

Others have made the observation that by that logic, the government has essentially absolute power over every aspect of our lives. My favorite example? Get a haircut, hippie — your refusal to patronize the local barber is itself an action that could affect interstate commerce.

That’s a great one, but I think we can do better. More specifically, I think you can do better.

I’m challenging you — all of you — to think of the most absurd, most ludicrous, most extreme, most terrifying overreach of federal power you can think of, and rationalize it by the “refusing to do so counts as an act of interstate commerce” theory of the Obama administration.

Yup, this is a contest, and I’ll announce the winners Thursday. Just two restrictions: members of the Obama administration are forbidden to enter, and members of the Obama administration are forbidden to read the entries — we don’t want you getting ideas. You’re making enough of a mess of things without our help.

I haven’t judged a contest in a while, but I’m thinking of several categories already — Most Frightening, Most Ridiculous, and Most Plausible.

And I’m thinking that one entry could take all three.

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