'Best of the best' Shuttle launch footage

What follows is not the usual fare and in fact may be most suitable for the geeky set but I found it fascinating:

Matt Melis, a longtime NASA engineer, has taken to the ‘Tube to show off what he calls “the best of the best” imagery from shuttle launches, including hi-definition video

Melis has been in the launch analysis game for quite some time. His 45-minute tribute to space shuttle launches is incredibly educational and a fascinating watch for fans of space programs.

You’ll get to hear NASA engineers explain every imaginable detail of a shuttle launch as footage from the ground and from the shuttles themselves show what goes into the first phase of a successful space mission. You’ll get to see launches for STS-114, STS-117, and STS-124 missions.

In short, if you’re really into space stuff, this YouTube video is the director’s commentary of your dreams.

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