Obama confident tax cut extension will pass

Which frankly doesn’t bode well for the deal:

In the face of strong opposition from members of his own party, President Obama says that he’s confident lawmakers will eventually approve a tax cut deal he negotiated with congressional Republicans.

“Keep in mind, we didn’t actually write a bill,” he said. “We put forward a framework.  I’m confident that the framework is going to look like the one that we put forward.”

Of course, that confidence has been a bellwether for failure in the past.  Take these words before the elections:

“I think the only poll that matters is going to be on November 2nd and I still feel confident that it is a very close  race in terms of the House.”

Or these back in June of this year:

U.S. President Barack Obama met with a bipartisan group of senators Tuesday in the White House on climate and clean energy bill, and said he’s confident they can ” get something done this year.”

We’re forced to hope that the confidence he expressed in passing health care and the stimulus is the confidence that prevails.

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