Well, the lame-duck House passed the “DREAM Act” yesterday, which grants amnesty for a certain subset of illegal aliens. Specifically, college-age illegal aliens who came to the US before the age of 16 and have kept themselves mostly clean (only misdemeanor convictions) can apply for a green card and, eventually, citizenship.

There have been millions of pixels murdered in the name of arguing the merits of this bill (short version: I oppose it), but I would like the proponents of this measure to address three simple words I’ve grown sick of hearing:

Comprehensive immigration reform.

That’s the phrase that’s been brought up every single time the anti-illegal-alien side has proposed any kind of immigration reform measure. Allowing states and other local officials to enforce immigration laws? Increase border security? Speed up deportation procedures? Crack down on employers hiring illegals? Nope, can’t do that. Those measure can only be considered as part of “comprehensive immigration reform.”

I didn’t like that, but my side repeatedly lost that argument. So, why the hell should this nightmare of an act be excluded from the same test? Why should it not be held off to be a part of a “comprehensive immigration reform” package?

I know the real answer, as I’m sure you do. Because the “comprehensive immigration reform” test only applies to those measures intended to enforce the existing laws and standards. Moves to make things easier for illegals — those don’t count.

But it should be entertaining to see just how the illegal alien proponents spin to answer the question of why the “comprehensive immigration reform” test they’ve imposed so many times in the past.

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