"Sarah Palin is a wholly unique political character and unlike anyone else"

While the small minded and intellectually shallow continue to wail away at Sarah Palin, others are delving into finding out more about she who is undoubtedly having a huge impact on the political scene.

Dr. Melissa Clouthier has read and now reviewed Ms. Palin’s latest tome and is suggesting that even the most ardent supporter who think they know the woman would do well to get their hands on it:

Most Americans who read America By Heart will find little to object to therein. The Smarty Pants Set™, on the other hand, will despise the book. Sarah Palin takes aim at their cherished premises and counters them one by one.

In addition, Sarah Palin manages to write a highly philosophical book without sounding stridently ideological. Indeed, she says what most Americans believe but don’t say because they have been brow beaten into politically correct silence.

And yes, the themes and ideas espoused in America By Heart feel distinctly Reaganesque. However, unlike Barack Obama who studied tape of Reagan to get the gist of the lingo and mannerisms to appeal to broad audiences so as to deceive them into believing he had centrist ideas, Sarah Palin believes the ideas and sounds and acts…well, she sounds and acts like Sarah Palin. That is to say, Sarah Palin is a wholly unique political character and unlike anyone else in the political world.

Sarah Palin’s book articulates a message that stands in stark contrast to the philosophy driving current governance. The prevailing big-government, anti-American, military-diminishing, non-stop-regulating government isn’t going over well with Americans these days.

There’s much more, including a challenge aimed at those who do nothing more than dismiss and ridicule Sarah Palin. 

Good stuff worth passing on.

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