But before we fix anything, how's about some completely irrelevant college football?

Harry Reid keeping his priorities strait in order*. Why get worked up about this “economy” thing when there’s pandering to be done?

And this wasn’t some crackpot wingnut hater who posted it. It’s from his official YouTube channel.

Funny. I used to like Nevada…until…like…about 1 minute and 46 seconds ago.

Also, as a result of the win, Nevada (and all the other schools in their conference) lost out on $1 million dollars in BCS money. So, yeah, just the sort of thing that Harry Reid can get behind.

*friggin’ grammar nazis

Added: uh, yeah, now I get the “straight” vs. “strait” thing. Do you know how many arguments I could’ve avoided had I just consulted an editor? So, yeah, I need some sort of Editing Czar.

Also, all my mistakes are George Bush’s fault. Now let me tell you about the time that my team came back from 30 points behind…

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