What's Austrian For "I'll Be In My Bunk?"

In Austria, a member of their parliament finally had enough of the Turkish ambassador to his nation, and unloaded on the guy on the floor of Parliament:

I don’t know what is the most awesome moment:

“Gentlemen of the Turkish embassy — there are no ladies there…”

(Referring to a Turkish Muslim girl killed in an “honor killing” by her family) “Ms. Muhltonnen, do you have any sympathy for this 16-year-old, who was buried alive? She wasn’t a Catholic, so you’re ALLOWED to feel sorry for her.”

OK, I lied. I do know what was the most awesome moment — this single line that sums up something I’ve been arguing for years:

“I am telling you, this country is not exclusively made up of tolerance romantics. There are also people sick and tired of the one-way street tolerance babble which you feed on, Mr. Ambassador!”

Tolerance has to be a two-way street. And some of the most intolerant people around are those who demand the most “tolerance” and denounce most loudly others as “intolerant.”

Tolerance and respect have to be two-way streets. When they are not, it’s simple submission.

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