No Ordinary Fools

Here in New Hampshire, we’re having a state budget crisis like most states. No, we’re no California or Illinois or New Jersey, but when the Democrats took over the state in 2006, they jacked up the budget by about 16% in the first year. They slowed down a smidgen from that, but we’re still spending way, way too much. A

The Republicans took back the state legislature last month, so it’s more than likely that things will be cut back to a more reasonable and sane level. And with the economy in its current shape, it’s just not a good time for folks feeding at the public trough to start demanding more and more slops.

Unless, of course, you’re the highly-educated and thoroughly-credentialed faculty of the University of New Hampshire. Then it’s a great time to demand a pay hike.

A 6.5% pay hike. Retroactively. And only a 2% increase in their health care premiums. When the state is struggling.

Whoops, my bad. That was the pay raise their union rejected. What they’re demanding is a 12.5% hike, and no change in their health benefit fees.


I deal with stupid people every day. We all do. It’s a fact of life. But damn, stupid people simply can’t do things this dumb. It takes a very, very special kind of intelligence and credentials and self-important to be this utterly tone-deaf and arrogant and self-delusional. To simply declare that yeah, we are worth that much, and you poor, ignorant, uneducated proles just need to find a way to pay us what we say we’re worth and don’t even question us.

As I said, the Republicans are taking the state legislature back in January. Like across the nation, they weren’t chosen on their merits; the Democrats were rejected. They’re on probation. They need to find ways to show that they’re worthy of our trust.

They have been handed one here, on a silver platter.

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