I'm Not Laughing

Those of you old enough might remember a joke from the old days of the Soviet empire. I’m roughly paraphrasing here.

One day, Mikhail got fed up with his local Communist Party Commissar and called him an idiot. He was promptly arrested by the KGB and sentenced to 15 years in the Gulag — 5 years for insulting the commissar, ten for revealing a state secret.

I was reminded of that joke when I heard this story from the WikiLeaks release of confidential diplomatic cables: last year, the Obama administration was talking with Russia about the problems with Iran. We struck a deal: we would cancel the planned missile defense system we were working on with Poland, and Russia would support increased sanctions against Iran. We upheld our end, and the Russians promptly reneged on theirs.

Which puts me in mind of another joke, my favorite Polish joke. The punchline there is baed on knowing that, historically, the Russians have spent centuries screwing over the Poles — and this is just one more example.

Two pretty funny jokes. I just can’t bring myself to laugh.

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