Taking Mohamed Out of Christmas

Teen plotted to bomb Oregon tree-lighting ceremony

“Mohamed Osman Mohamud, 19, was arrested at 5:40 p.m. just after he dialed a cell phone that he thought would blow up a van laden with explosives but instead brought federal agents and Portland police swooping in to take him into custody.

Mohamud yelled “Allahu Akhkbar” and tried to kick agents and police as the arrest came, according to prosecutors.

He was charged with attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction.”
Search the intertoobs and notice that none of the headlines dare say this pile of dog squeeze is a Muslim.

The folks in Portland are simply thankful none of their Mao ornaments were damaged.

MM has a murderers row of Islamic terrorists who have plagued us in recent years with their death, violence, and attempted destruction.

“Yes: Violent jihad. Two words the current occupant of the White House won’t say together and about which he remains in stubborn denial.

Violent jihad. A fundamental tenet of legions and legions of Muslims worldwide — and untold numbers of homegrown and immigrant practitioners of the Religion of Perpetual Outrage here on American soil.”

We may not be at war with Islam, but Islam sure as h*ll is at war with us!

TY L (title courtesy of commenter #14 – cause I ain’t that clever)

UPDATE: Ooops. Rick beat me to the original announcement, and he states a good point – imagine the investigative kerkuffle if this kid was a “Christianista.”

Misplaced Priorities
Can we get an investigative exposé on the local mosque this guy attended? (UPDATED)