So Much For "It Takes One To Know One…"

Alleged comedian Sandra Bernhard — previously known for such side-splitting comedy routines as wishing that Sarah Palin would get gang-raped by a gang of black men — opined Joy Behar’s show (another alleged comedian) that Bristol Palin is a “hooker” for taking a plane (along with other Dancing With The Stars contestants) to New York for post-show interviews with Good Morning America and The View. (All three shows are on ABC.)

Now, I’m not entirely certain of what Ms. Bernhard means by “hooker,” but it’s clear that she meant it as an insult. And as “hooker” commonly is used for “prostitute,” meaning “a person who has sex for money,” then I take it that Ms. Bernhard is opposed to those who trade on their sexuality for commercial gain.

Such as, say, posing for Playboy to promote their career.

Nah. I must be wrong. Because that would make Ms. Bernhard a hypocrite.

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Playboy 0.jpg

It’s a six-page pictorial, and I have JPEGS of all six pages. And they’re full nudes.

Let me correct that: several full frontals, but no shots from behind. It seems she had a bit of modesty concerning her derriere. But the rest? She let it all hang out.

And let me tell you, it was NOT easy to look at them. Which is why I didn’t post them. But if you folks ask me for them, I’ll pollute Wizbang’s shiny new server with some images that are not for the faint of heart.

Now, Kevin might tell me no, but remember this: I do not bluff. I do have the pictures. Here’s proof:

Playboy 2_censored.jpg
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