Islam In The News

Islam is a religion of peace. Peace and tolerance. Just ask any of its adherents.

Keep that in mind while reading the following stories.

First up, remember Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani? She’s the Iranian woman who has been convicted of adultery. And in Iran, the penalty for adultery isn’t a divorce or a reality show or a photoshoot — it’s death by stoning.

Because that’s what the Koran specifies. Adulterers shall be stoned to death. And it lays out precisely how the stoning is to be carried out. Here is Islamic justice.

To sum it up: you are bound and wrapped in a burial shroud. Then you are buried in the ground — men up to their waists, women to their necks. Finally, the crowd pelts you with rocks (not too big as to kill quickly, not too small as to just annoy — orange-sized is about right) until you are pronounced dead. If you manage to work yourself free, you’re spared. This is slightly easier for men, who aren’t as buried as deeply and have greater upper body strength, but it’s still damned hard. (Hey, here’s a stunt for David Copperfield or Kriss Angel!)

Remember, Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance.

Next up, we have a case in Pakistan where a Christian woman is accused of blaspheming and insulting Islam. She’s had a long feud with a Muslim neighbor, and apparently in the course of the fighting said something bad about Islam. She denies it, but in Islamic law grants greater weight to the word of a Muslim. So she has been convicted and sentenced to death.

There is a bit of international pressure to let her go, perhaps even let her leave the country. But that is unacceptable to the adherents to the Religion of Peace there. They want to see her hanged.

They held rallies to demand “justice,” shouting that “We are ready to sacrifice our life for the Prophet Muhammad.” Of course, what they are demanding is that the government sacrifice this Christian woman’s life, but don’t confuse them with facts. They’re too busy practicing the peace and tolerance that Islam is renowned for.

After all, Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance.

Finally, a little bit of Shariah law at home. In Connecticut, a roller rink has a rule for safety: no loose head coverings on the rink. They’re a safety hazard — if they come loose, they can snarl the wheels of others and cause them to fall. So you either lose the head covering, or they’ll loan you a helmet to keep it in place. Simple common sense.

But common sense has no place in Islam. A Muslim woman went there and, when confronted with the policy, denounced it as racist and discriminatory and hateful. Allah demands that she wear a scarf to cover her hair, and the will of Allah will keep it secured to her head while she’s whizzing around the rink. And should she fall and it come loose and send other skaters tumbling, then that’s the will of Allah, too.

So there’s a little bit of news from the world of Islam. Remember, Islam is a religion of peace.

Say otherwise, and they’ll kill you.

(Hat tips to Jim Hoft, the Gateway Pundit; Scott of AMCGLTD; and DMartyr of The Jawa Report.)

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