An Opt-Out Day Nightcap

So “Opt-Out Day” was a bust today. Why wouldn’t it be? Airline travelers are real people with real families, real destinations, and real schedules. They’re not the spoiled college-age brats from well-to-do families that make up most of our professional protesting class. Most airline travelers can’t risk jail or a five-figure Federal fine just to thumb their noses at TSA workers. They have better things to do.

But we can still have a laugh with Adam Savage from Mythbusters!, who was recently cleared to board an aircraft after a full body scan … even though he was (unintentionally) carrying two 12″ razor blades:

And of course there is this classic scene from This is Spinal Tap:

Even in the “good old days” things weren’t always easy.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody.

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