What Took You People So Long?

There’s a move going on to get “Gadsden Flag” license plates available in every state, and it’s succeeding quite nicely. More and more states are being pressured by the citizens to make the plates for anyone who wants them, and it’s working.

It’s a nice idea, and a win for the state. Vanity plates cost more, and most states have plates for all sorts of things. Colleges, conservation programs, state parks, or anything else a citizen might be willing to fork over a little extra for something they’ll put on their vehicle with pride.

Here in New Hampshire, though, it’s kind of redundant. Every single license plate already has something in the same vein as the Gadsden Flag’s “Don’t Tread On Me” logo — the Granite State’s fiercely proud motto:

Jay Tea.jpg

Welcome to the club, folks.

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