"Wait a minute, that's … it?"

“Jack Dunphy” of Pajamas Media, who is actually an incognito LAPD cop, fills us in on what Eric Holder and the Department of Justice are stooping to in their continued quest to foster racial problems in America:

The story popped up on the Los Angeles Times website Saturday night. The headline: “Justice Department warns LAPD to take a stronger stance against racial profiling.”

One might assume on reading such a headline that the Justice Department had uncovered some damning evidence that Los Angeles Police Department officers, even after working for years under the terms of a consent decree and the watchful eyes of a federal monitor, were engaging in discriminatory practices. In the print edition, the story was given any newspaper’s most prominent placement: above the fold on the front page of the Sunday edition. This, the Times was saying, is a Very Important Story, so important in fact that they followed up with a typically sophomoric editorial in Tuesday’s edition, ominously titled “Shades of the ‘old’ LAPD.”

But if you had read Sunday’s story in search of the damning evidence you thought had been uncovered, you might have reached the end of it and said to yourself, “Wait a minute, that’s … it?”

The evidence cited by the Justice Department and the Times fell somewhere well short of damning, to wit, a single conversation — recorded inadvertently and perhaps illegally — between an LAPD supervisor and two officers, in which the officers were dismissive of allegations of racial profiling.

The incident is detailed at the link and should be passed around. 

More evidence that we are led by radicals and that they are attempting to do great harm to this country.

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