Nancy Pelosi Still Has What It Takes!

Nancy Pelosi was elected to lead the Democrats in the House. Sigh.

In making his case to the Democratic caucus today, Shuler said the Democratic Party needs to be a "big tent" party. He argued that it can’t take back the majority without a change in leadership, according to a Democratic aide who was in the room. Utah’s Jim Matheson, a Blue Dog who argued "it’s time to shake things up" in the wake of the midterm losses, nominated Shuler.

Pelosi has argued that she should remain in the leadership in part because she knows how to lead Democrats out of the political wilderness, having done so four years ago. She also argues that she is the most effective fundraiser for members of the caucus. She blames the party’s losses on the country’s lingering economic troubles and high unemployment rate, not her leadership.

"The message we received from the American people is they want a job," Pelosi said following the vote when asked what the American people told her in the election.

Pressed on why she was the best person to lead the party in light of the midterm losses, she responded, "How would your ratings be if $75 million were spent against you?" She was referencing the fact that she was used in campaigns around the country this year by Republicans seeking to criticize their opponents.

"I’m the person who can attract the resources both intellectual and otherwise because I have done it before," Pelosi added.

God bless that woman’s tone-deaf attitude.

$75 million? Naw.

Good judgement? Uh-huh.

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