Good Enough For You, But Not For Us

Hey, remember when Obama said that if you like your health coverage, you could keep it? It turns out what he meant was that if you don’t like ObamaCare, you can opt out of it.

As long as you’ve previously greased the right palms and paid the piper, of course.

Which is why among the list of the groups already being excepted from the mandatory aspects of ObamaCare are a whole bunch of unions, especially Obama’s big backers (and private army of thugs) at the SEIU.

Also remember that these groups were among the biggest backers of ObamaCare in the first place. Their message: it’s great for America, but not for us. Opposing it is racist and hateful and unpatriotic, but we don’t want to be actually affected by it like the rest of you proles.

And, remember when Nancy Pelosi said that they had to pass the bill in order for us to see what is in it? Well, these unions helped write the thing — and they want nothing to do with it. There’s a message there.

And that message: ObamaCare is going to be very bad news for those who don’t have the clout to get out from under it. That’s why those who pushed so hard for it are now fighting just as hard to make sure that it doesn’t apply to them.

Years ago, I read a book on the development of Windows NT. One concept that stuck with me was a phase that the Microsoft folks called “eating your own dog food” — it referred to a point in the development when the creators had to start actually using Windows NT, so they’d properly appreciate what it was like for the users and (hopefully) discover and fix problems and difficulties and challenges before it was certified ready for release.

Those who have told us, over and over again, about how wonderful ObamaCare will be and how fortunate we will be to live with it are showing us — by their actions — that they have no faith in it. We should make very careful note of not just their words, but their deeds.

In this case, their deeds put the lie to their words quite eloquently.

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