Obama Tied To Voter Fraud Charges

Oh, not again…

In Minnesota, they have a law that says if you’re not registered to vote and don’t have an ID with you, you can still cast a ballot if you can get a registered voter to “vouch” for you with the poll workers. And any individual can “vouch” for up to 15 people.

Gee, not much room for abuse there, is there?

Over at that link, there’s video of someone explaining just how students at the University of Minnesota were “vouching” for people they had never met before. More specifically, students who were members of the campus’ chapter of Organizing For America.

That’s Organizing For America, formerly known as the Barack Obama presidential campaign, run and funded by the Democratic National Committee, and possessors of the web site barackobama.com.

As I’ve been saying for some time, this is not something we should be allowing President Obama to distance himself from. He’s shown a tremendous talent for throwing inconvenient people under the bus, but here it’s his own name that he’d have to distance himself from. He gave the domain name to the organization; he can take it back at any time. Every day he fails to do so, he tacitly endorses every single action taken in his name by Organizing For America.

Including how to help people fraudulently register and vote in Minnesota.

Now, I doubt too many races were determined by this election fraud. I don’t think there were any stolen elections here. But there’s a bigger fear behind this that drives me to constantly harp on the left’s attempts to manipulate and rig elections.

And that’s a topic for a whole ‘nother posting.

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