Completely Unforeseeable

Hey, remember back when a lot of the liberals/progressives started pushing their ideas on how to reform and reshape the nation, and a whole bunch of us said that it would instead lead to bad things? Remember how we were all dismissed as haters and bigots and racists and evil and greedy and liars, and that none of those things would happen, and we were dooming ourselves to a lifetime of disgrace and shame and oblivion?

Things like, say, how ObamaCare meddling in the health care biz would end up leading to doctors just choosing to opt out of government-controlled health care?

Or how “banking reform” intended to make things fairer and cheaper and easier for the little people would instead lead to banks passing on more fees and charges, and getting rid of existing services we like?

Or, perhaps, how the huge costs and scope of ObamaCare was utterly unnecessary, that the numbers of people who would actually benefit from it were grossly overinflated, and it would end up costing far more in bureaucracy than it would in real benefits to individuals?

Yeah, me neither. Must’ve been some weird kind of dream or something…

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